What to do when you get sued


Our business and commercial clients range in size from one-person start-ups to multi-million dollar companies. As a broad-based business law firm we provide clients doing business in South Carolina, Georgia, and beyond with the ability and experience needed to handle a complete range of business affairs.

Aggressive and Cost Effective Attorneys in South Carolina

    Conflict is inevitable, especially in business. Whether as a result of negligence, deliberate misconduct, ignorance of someone else’s rights, or simple inability to perform under a contract, litigation is a part of business in today’s society. The attorneys at Player Law Firm provide experienced, effective, and efficient representation to business owners involved in legal disputes.

Our law firm in South Carolina represents both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of business law disputes. As plaintiffs’ attorneys, we focus on our clients’ goals, whether they are to obtain a quick settlement or fight for maximum damages in a court of law. As defense lawyers, we focus on minimizing our clients’ liability and reaching a cost-effective resolution without running up the bill.
Examples of the types of cases we handle include the following:

  • Breach of Contract – Breaches of contract come in many forms, and your rights and obligations in the event of a default will depend greatly on the language contained in your agreement. Our lawyers in South Carolina represent clients in cases involving non-payment, failure to perform, anticipatory repudiation, breach of warranty, and all other types of breach of contract claims.
  • Business Torts – Business tort claims can provide remedies outside of a breach of contract. Examples of common business torts in South Carolina include fraudulent inducement, fraudulent non-disclosure, conversion (civil theft), and tortious interference with contracts.
  • Unfair Business Practices – Unfair business practices include price discrimination in sales and provision of services, improper collection methods, predatory lending, and anti-competitive conduct, among other things. Our attorneys are experienced in establishing and challenging all types of unfair business practices claims.
  • Unfair Competition – Similar to unfair business practices, unfair competition encompasses a variety of potential claims including defamation, fraud, misrepresentations, trademark and trade dress infringement, and misappropriation of trade secrets and confidential information. Also similar to unfair business practices, unfair competition cases often involve voluminous evidence and complex legal theories. Our litigation attorneys have handled these cases in the past and will provide positive results to our clients.
  • • Deceptive Trade Practices – Common deceptive trade practices include false advertising and other misleading representations made to the consuming public. If you have been a victim of a deceptive or unfair trade practice, our lawyers will fight to stop such conduct and recover any damages and penalties you may be entitled to as a result.
  • Schedule a Free Consultation with a South Carolina Business Litigation Lawyer at Player Law Firm. If you need to enforce your rights or defend against someone else’s claims, please contact the South Carolina business litigation attorneys at Player Law Firm today. Both potential plaintiffs and defendants are subject to strict statutory time restrictions, so it is important to get started with your case right away.