Small Business


Player Law Firm is a South Carolina business law firm assisting clients in all aspects of setting up and running a small business.

South Carolina Lawyers Who Know Small Business

    Just because you run a small business, this doesn’t mean that you don’t encounter big legal issues. Regardless of the scope of your operations, you need to take all legal matters seriously. From entity formations and contract drafting to payment issues and other disputes, the lawyers at Player Law Firm provide comprehensive, cost-effective legal representation for small businesses in South Carolina.

Cost Effective General Services for Small Business in South Carolina

    As your business starts to grow, you will increasingly find yourself in need of a responsive attorney who can help you address complex legal issues as they arise. When you are not yet ready to hire in-house counsel, Player Law Firm can serve as “outside” general counsel to provide you with ongoing access to competent legal representation. Whether you are looking for full-scale compliance counsel, or just occasional assistance with internal governance and contractual matters, we can structure a cost-effective relationship that meets your needs.

Common Legal Issues for Small Businesses

    The following are some of the common areas in which we provide initial and ongoing legal representation for small businesses in South Carolina:

    • Entity Formations and Business Relationship Issues
    • Corporate Governance
    • Contract Drafting and Negotiation
    • Compliance Matters
    • Collections
    • Defense of Breach of Contract, Business Torts, and Administrative Litigation
    • Contract Disputes and Disputes Under UCC Article 2
    • Franchise Disputes
    • Real Estate Purchases and Leases
    • Hiring and Employment Agreements
    • Wrongful Termination and Employment Litigation
    • In any situation, the first step toward protecting yourself is knowing that there is an issue to deal with. Without having a working relationship with a local business lawyer, you simply do not have access to the answers you need in order to make informed decisions about your business. At Player Law Firm, we welcome questions from our small business clients, and we take the time to get to know their businesses so that we can provide comprehensive and relevant legal advice.

    To discuss small business issues of any kind, please contact us today. We are a law firm in South Carolina dedicated to serving small business owners at affordable rates. Our attorneys are not under pressure to bill our clients, so with us you get top-notch legal representation focused on successful outcomes, not on running up the bill.