Practice Areas


Player Law Firm is a general practice law firm, located in Columbia, South Carolina, serving the legal needs of clients in the state and federal courts of South Carolina and Georgia. Our areas of practice include the following:

Franchise and Small Business Law

In the area of franchise and small business law, a myriad of state and federal laws and regulations are in place to govern the behavior and obligations of the parties involved in a vast number and variety of transactions. Our attorneys are experienced in providing advice and guidance through these transactions to insure that our clients are protected from adverse consequences that can arise from misinformation and manipulation of legal technicalities by larger and wealthier corporations. We are also experienced in representing small business owners and franchisees in litigation to enforce their rights and recover damages caused by unfair and deceptive practices employed by unscrupulous business entities. Our services include:

  • Contract and franchise agreement review
  • Franchise litigation
  • Contract review, negotiation, and litigation of contract disputes
  • Representation before regulatory commissions, the South Carolina Administrative Law Division, county and municipal zoning boards, the South Carolina Public Service Commission, and the South Carolina Labor and Licensing Board
  • Partnership disputes and agreements
  • Business & Commercial Litigation

    Our business and commercial clients range in size from one-person start-ups to multi-million dollar companies. As a broad-based business law firm we provide clients doing business in South Carolina, Georgia, and beyond with the ability and experience needed to handle a complete range of business and commercial litigation needs. Our areas of practice include:

    • Business and commercial litigation
    • Business formation
    • Business organizations
    • Business start-ups
    • Contracts
    • Joint ventures and partnerships
    • Limited liability companies

    Coporate Law in South Carolina and Georgia

    The Corporate law group at Player Law Firm provides unparalleled skill and experience in securities defense, shareholder litigation, antitrust, and other corporate law matters. Our practice areas include:

    • Securities Defense
    • Fiduciary Liability
    • Shareholder Lawsuits
    • Antitrust and Trade Regulations

    Construction Law & Construction Defect Litigation

    The Lawyers at Player Law Firm represent all parties to construction defect litigation in the State of South Carolina. Construction defect cases are often highly complex, involving multiple parties and substantial amounts of evidence and expert testimony. Our practice areas include:

    • Common Construction Defects in South Carolina Real Estate Litigation
    • Defense, Cross-claims & Third-Party Claims
    • Representation for Victims of Construction Defects
    • Contractor Defense & Disputes in South Carolina
    • Representing Individuals & Businesses in the Construction Industry

    Real Estate Litigation in South Carolina and Georgia

    Real estate transactions can be complicated and convoluted enough in their own right. When you add a heated dispute and litigation into the mix, you need confident, competent and effective legal representation to ensure that your interests are protected-you need the litigation team at Player Law Firm. Our practice areas include:

    • Title and Boundary Disputes in South Carolina
    • Specific Performance and Breach of Contract Real Estate Transactions
    • Land Use & Zoning Issues in South Carolina
    • Zoning Variance or Ordinance Changes in South Carolina
    • Real Property Contract Disputes

    Appeals & Appellate Law

    We are licensed to practice law in all state courts in South Carolina and Georgia, as well as the following federal courts: United States District Court for the District of South Carolina, United States District Court for the Southern District of Georgia, the United States Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, and the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. We handle the following types of appeals:

    • State and federal court civil appeals
    • State and federal court criminal appeals
    • Real estate property appeals

    Collection Litigation

    We take a practical approach to debtor-creditor law, recognizing the risk and cost of litigation, and the significant value of speedy resolution. Our law firm represents debtors and creditors in a wide range of contexts, including:

    • Collection litigation
    • Judgment enforcement
    • Loan workouts
    • Loan documentation
    • Lender liability defenses
    • Foreclosures
    • Receiverships
    • Pre-judgment remedies
    • Creditor rights litigation
    • Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Litigation

      Personal injury accidents are often caused by the negligence, carelessness, or recklessness of others, and may involve brain injuries, head injuries, burns, fractures, breaks, dislocations, neck injuries, back injures, knee injuries, ankle injuries, shoulder injuries, nerve injuries, and spinal cord injuries. We handle serious injuries and deaths in the following types of situations:

      • Motor vehicle accidents, car crashes, and truck collisions on I-20, I-26, and other roads and highways in South Carolina and Georgia
      • Premises liability claims, slip and fall accidents, and third party negligence
      • Semi-truck, eighteen wheeler, and tractor trailer crashes
      • Workplace, construction site, and industrial accidents