Player Law Firm is a general practice firm offering a broad range of legal services to the general public, local businesses, investors, and large corporations in the courts of South Carolina and Georgia. The lawyers and staff at the Player Law Firm strive to provide the best possible professional services while maintaining a level of commitment to each individual client rarely experienced in today’s legal and business climate. Despite the current climate of apathy and sterility that seems to prevail in corporate America and the law, we adhere to the enduring philosophy that honesty, commitment, and personal service are the starting points for any good attorney-client relationship. Such a philosophy is necessary to protect our clients and establish the trust that is such a necessary component of the attorney-client relationship.

In addition to our commitment to honesty, commitment, and personal service, we strive to provide justice to those injured by the machine of corporate America. Small business owners and franchisees are often the victims of unlawful trade practices and unscrupulous business tactics of large corporations. These victims need representation to protect their rights and bring the parties responsible for their injuries to justice. Our firm provides that representation with enthusiasm and excellence.