Corporate Law


The corporate law group at Player Law Firm provides unparalleled skill and experience in securities defense, shareholder litigation, antitrust, and other corporate law matters.

>Corporate Law Experience in South Carolina

    At Player Law Firm, we represent corporations, directors, officers, and shareholders in all types of complex corporate litigation:

    • Securities Defense – Our attorneys are available to represent private and publicly-traded corporations and their shareholders, directors, officers, employees, and advisers in securities litigation and enforcement actions at both the state and federal levels. Our breadth of knowledge and experience in corporate law matters allows us to provide comprehensive and effective representation in these complex cases at a fraction of the cost of bigger law firms.
    • Fiduciary Liability – South Carolina law imposes a variety of fiduciary duties on corporate officers, directors, and certain high-level employees. Player Law Firm represents clients in direct claims and shareholder derivative suits to enforce and obtain remedies for breaches of the duty of care, duty of loyalty, and other corporate responsibilities.
    • Shareholder Lawsuits – When officers and directors breach their fiduciary duties and commit other violations of shareholders’ rights, the shareholders in the corporation have the right to file suit to protect their investments. Shareholder litigation is another complex area of the law involving high-level concepts and legal theories, so it is important to choose an attorney with particular experience handling these types of claims. To learn more about whether you may have a valid shareholder claim, please use the link below to schedule a free consultation.
    • • Antitrust and Trade Regulation – Antitrust and trade regulation laws restrict anti-competitive conduct by corporations, and prohibit collusion amongst competitors and supply-side partners. Both South Carolina and federal law prohibit practices such as monopolization, horizontal and vertical price fixing, market allocation, exclusivity agreements, tying arrangements, and predatory pricing. We serve as both plaintiff’s counsel and defense counsel in antitrust and trade regulation matters in all industries.
      • Consult a Lawyer with Experience Handling Complex Corporate Litigation

          South Carolina’s partnership, corporation, and limited liability company (LLC) laws give business owners significant leeway to structure their relationships and stipulate what will happen upon a specified event (such as an irreconcilable dispute). Our lawyers have substantial experience drafting and negotiating buy-sell agreements, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, and other succession-planning documentation. Taking a proactive approach to planning for business break-ups saves money in the long run, and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

        Whether you need a comprehensive defense strategy in shareholder litigation or a regulatory enforcement action, or you are looking for a savvy and aggressive plaintiff’s attorney to fight for your rights against a public or privately-held corporation, our lawyers have what it takes to exceed your expectations and deliver positive results. To schedule an initial consultation, contact us in South Carolina today.