Our business and commercial clients range in size from one-person start-ups to multi-million dollar companies. As a broad-based business law firm we provide clients doing business in South Carolina, Georgia, and beyond with the ability and experience needed to handle a complete range of business affairs.

The Lifeblood of Modern Business

    At Player Law Firm, our attorneys are aggressive and results-oriented litigators who pride themselves on providing effective and cost-efficient legal solutions to small businesses throughout South Carolina.


    Our Contracts for the sale of goods are governed by Article 2 of South Carolina’s Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Article 2 covers virtually all aspects of a sale, and provides terms where the parties fail to do so in their written agreement. Parties and other attorneys often fail to consider the implications of Article 2, leaving themselves and their clients exposed to the UCC’s stringent restrictions and requirements. If you are involved in a dispute relating to a sale of goods, one of our litigators will work with you to fight for a favorable outcome.

Some of the key provisions in UCC Article 2 that are frequently the subject of litigation include the following:

  • Offer and acceptance (Section 206)
  • Course of performance (Section 208)
  • Unconscionable contract terms (Section 302)
  • Implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose (Sections 314 and 315)
  • Risk of loss (Section 509)
  • In commercial litigation under Article 2, facts and evidence are key. Our attorneys will work closely with you to build the strongest possible case (or defense) in light of the circumstances at hand.

Legal Counsel for Franchise Disputes

    Franchising is a highly-regulated industry, and with franchise agreements often lasting five years, ten years, or even longer, it is little wonder that many franchise relationships end up evolving into franchise litigation. Our lawyers represent both franchisors and franchisees in all types of franchise-related disputes.

Franchise disputes can arise both during and at the end of a franchise relationship. We represent clients in cases against regional, national, and international franchise chains involving claims such as:

  • Breach of contract
  • Violation of in-term and post-termination non-competition provisions
  • Trademark infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets
  • Fraud and misrepresentation/li>
  • Improper termination or non-renewal
  • Violation of antitrust and consumer protection laws
  • Consumer claims for direct and vicarious liability
  • Inadequate control and quality assurance
  • Violation of other states’ franchise registration and disclosure statutes
  • We also represent franchisees in claims against one another for territorial encroachment.

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    If a legal dispute is interfering with or threatening your business, you need an attorney who will put your interests ahead of his or her own. At Player Law Firm, we are committed to obtaining efficient results for our clients, not on running up their legal expenses.

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