Business Dissolutions in South Carolina


Player Law Firm is a South Carolina business law firm assisting clients in business break-ups and dissolution.

Buy-Sell Agreements & Business Succession

    When starting a new business or bringing on new partners, members, or shareholders, it is very important to plan for what will happen in the event of a business break-up. A business dissolution may result from:

    • One owner deciding to leave the company to pursue other interests
    • Two or more owners becoming involved in an irreconcilable dispute;
    • One owner desiring to remove another due to breach of fiduciary duty or conflict of interest;
    • One or more owners exercising a buy-out option; or
    • A sole or partial owner retiring and desiring to pass on his or her interest to a designated individual.
    • South Carolina’s partnership, corporation, and limited liability company (LLC) laws give business owners significant leeway to structure their relationships and stipulate what will happen upon a specified event (such as an irreconcilable dispute). Our lawyers have substantial experience drafting and negotiating buy-sell agreements, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, and other succession-planning documentation. Taking a proactive approach to planning for business break-ups saves money in the long run, and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

    Corporate, Partnership, and LLC Dissolutions

      Businesses shut down for a variety of reasons. These can include:

    • Completion of an asset sale
    • Winding up the company’s affairs
    • The business has run its course
    • Irreconcilable differences leading to a mutual walk-away
    • Spinning off operations into a new entities

    When ceasing operations of a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company (LLC), it is important to take the appropriate steps to formally dissolve the legal entity. Failure to do so can lead to ongoing filing requirements, continuing property tax obligations, and a variety of other potential issues. If you need to formally dissolve a South Carolina business entity, let our business lawyers put their experience to work for you.

      Contested Business Break-Ups

    Each attorney at Player Law Firm also has significant experience representing business owners in shareholder disputes and contested business dissolution. If you are going through a dispute and there is no governing documentation in place; or, if your governing documents do not adequately address the situation before you, we can provide knowledgeable, effective, and thorough representation to protect your interests and enforce your rights.

Speak with a Knowledgeable Attorney about Business Succession & Dissolution

To discuss business succession planning, preparation of a buy-sell agreement, partnership dissolution, or any other business break-up or wind-up issue, please contact us today. We are a law firm in South Carolina dedicated to serving small business owners at affordable rates. Our attorneys are not under pressure to bill our clients, so with us you get top-notch legal representation focused on successful outcomes, not on running up the bill.